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Best Astrologer in India

Before we discuss a genuine astrologer in Kolkata, we have to first understand the concept of the origin and broad spectrum of astrology. The science that deals with the origin, characteristics, and position of the heavenly bodies in the universe are known as astronomy. The study of the sun, moon, stars, planets and other objects in outer space comes under the realm of astronomy. The best astrologer in India utilizes physical and chemical properties of cosmic objects that have a separate department in the field of science- astronomy. And the scientists who deal with the study of astronomy are known as astronomers.

Now, since the ancient Vedic Age, scholars believe that celestial bodies like the stars and the planets have an impact on our everyday life. According to the intellectuals, the position of the planets including the sun and the moon during the time of birth of an individual influences the overall development of the personality. This is not an exact field of science. It is based on divination. It is a practice known as astrology and all you need consultation from a genuine astrologer in Kolkata. The best astrologer in India will be able to provide an authentic study of one’s fortune.

The light of the subject lies in apprehending the effect of these stellar bodies on the mundane events in our everyday lives. This aids in foreseeing the destinies of individuals, nations, and groups. We, human beings, would like to relate and predict our fate rather than being left in the dark. In the Vedas, astrology is known as ‘Jyotish vidya’. It means ‘the science of light’. Astrology helps to guide a lost and demented soul. And thus the name ‘Jyotish vidya’.


The field of astrology is vast and envelops various dimensions with the help of best astrologer in India. It involves the interpretation of the countenance of one’s life like personal relationships, professional journey, any new venture, etc. A genuine astrologer in Kolkata is capable of foretelling the journey of an individual during his earthly existence. A cynic believes that astrology provides us with an intuition that invokes a hunch of our control over the various unpredictable affairs in our lives with the best astrologer in India.


As we are born, the moment of our birth specifies the qualities and personalities we will own. The planetary positions at the moment of our birth play an important role in determining our course on this planet. It means astrology is principally the relation between time and space with the best astrologer in India. Every moment plays a consequential role in affecting the definition, nature, and gravity of all earthly occurrences.


Astrology is a vital field in our lives where we explore the secrets of the past, present, and future of our lives with a genuine astrologer in Kolkata. In modern times, astrology has governed our personal lives as well as the political and social aspects of a nation. We rely on astrology to gain insight and throw light upon the various daily events with best astrology consultation online in Kolkata. It may not sound rational. But, according to astrologers around the globe, similarly, the gravitational pull of the moon affects the tides in an ocean; the planetary alignment in space determines our ‘karma’. The term refers to the journey or time spent by an individual on this planet. ‘Karma’ enables the spiritual growth of a person.


So, it can be perceived that astrology can help us refine our lives by reflecting on our flaws and our sole development. The best astrology consultation online in Kolkata can guide a person to eliminate the ‘doshas’ or flaws in the planets. This can help exterminate negative energy from the birth chart; thus enriching life with the help of a genuine astrologer in Kolkata. Improving the standards of personal and professional lives is the primary focus of astrology.


Tarot card reading, also known as cartomancy, is a very popular means of telling the fortunes of people through eclectic playing cards. A tarot card is also known as tarocchi or tarock. This practice of divination was initially introduced in the mid-15th century in European countries.

A tarot card reader can perceive cognizance about the past, present, and future of a person. With a deck set for 78 cards, a cartomancer can answer any question you have got! Through spiritual coaching and embodiment guidance, a tarot card reader can offer counselling about diverse considerations. It takes immense practice and psychic abilities to become an expert cartomancer. The best astrology consultation online in Kolkata even considers cartomancy as a reliable source of determining one’s fortune.

Today, tarot card reading has become very popular due to its coherence. And when people accomplish a spiritual connection in their lives, they find it easier to deal with the difficulties in various spheres.