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  • 25-Nov,2021

What is the Difference between Astrologist and Astrologer?

In this era of science and technology, astrology is still a prevalent practice across the globe. Since ancient times, the curiosity of human beings about celestial bodies and their impact on our lives have earned enormous prominence. We all are aware of astrology as the practice that involves the study of the planetary positions affecting the lives of individuals. In other words, it is believed that the alignment of the celestial bodies during the time of a person’s birth lays an impact on his or her life journey. But it often arises, whether there is any difference between astrologist and astrologer. Because we are acquainted with both the terms without knowing their correct usage. 

There is a lot of confusion about these two terms or how they are used. The indecision arises because of our ignorance about the implication of these two terms. Or to be more precise, which is the exact professional expression? Let us probe into it for enhanced understanding.


Understanding the Difference between Astrologist and Astrologer 

Now, if you talk to an astrology professional, he or she will prefer to be called ‘an astrologer’ rather than ‘astrologist’. Also, in our everyday life, we are more familiar with the word ‘astrologer’ and use it extensively. Is that not true? How many of us say ‘astrologist’? Maybe none of us or extremely few! 

Even a vashikaran tantrik calls himself an astrologer! But, is there anything wrong with it? Well, now for that we have to discuss in detail. There is no difference in the meaning of the terms. The implementation differs according to the context of usage.

The popularity of the term ‘astrologer’ is derived from the frequency of its use in our routine life. A professional who deals with the practice of astrology finds that ‘astrologer’ is a more suitable word when contemplating the authenticity of the profession. According to an individual who considers his profession seriously is an ‘astrologer’. In other words, an ‘astrologer’ has attained much knowledge about the field and has studied the subject scrupulously before taking it up as a profession. 

For colloquial use, ‘astrologer’ has become a more prominent term than ‘astrologist’. Also, in Google, when you search for ‘astrologer’ you get more results. On the other hand, the term ‘astrologist’ has much fewer search results. Like, when you search for vastu consultant tantrik, you will receive all the relevant results with ‘astrologer’. 

It is often said that an ‘astrologist’ is someone who does not take the profession earnestly. Or it can be implied that an ‘astrologist’ is a scammer. To clarify, an ‘astrologist’ practices astrology without any extensive knowledge about the field. So, when an individual in the astrology profession calls himself or herself an ‘astrologist’, we find it difficult to rely on the person. 

The entire confusion arises in our minds. It is our belief or perception that has differentiated the implication of the terms. The difference between astrologist and astrologer merely lies in our cogitation.