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The belief or the practice of studying the planetary positions in the universe to understand their impact on individual lives is known as astrology. Similarly, the study of numbers and their effect on one’s life is known as numerology. Since the inception of knowledge and conscience, numbers were the earliest mode of interpretation of ideas and thoughts.

The application and concepts of numerology date back to as early as 500 BC. It was during this time that Pythagoras- the great Greek mathematician and thinker conceived that there is a link between numerical values and musical notation. This invention of Pythagoras theory brought an enormous impact on the thoughts and morals of individuals.

According to Pythagoras, the birthdate of every individual conveys reverberations that project the personal attributes of an individual. These attributes combine to form the personality that one exhibits to the public. Pythagoras conceived that every creation in the universe can be explained in terms of numbers. So, it suggests that all the universal elements can be expressed by numbers. This was called the Pythagorean Number system. As time evolved, it gave rise to the concept of numerology. However, it was only in 1907 that the term ‘numerology’ was coined.

The hypothesis of numerology conveys that numbers are the source of acquiring empirical knowledge and outright revelation. Every alphabet has a specific value. Like, the value of A is 1, the value of B is 2, the value of C is 3, and so on. So, the alphabets in a person’s name denote a specific value. It is believed that the letter ‘P’ implies religion, peace, and self-observation. On the other hand, ‘S’ suggests originality, pragmatism, and antagonism. Thereafter, this value determines the personality, life experiences, professional affairs, and a lot more. In other words, the numbers explain the journey of an individual on this planet.

Similarly, the date of the anniversary, birthday, and other significant events in a person’s life elucidates the nature of practical experiences a person will undergo throughout the lifetime. A lot of the riddles can be solved with the aid of numerology.

In the history of Indian mathematics and astronomy, the contributions of Aryabhatta are notable. Aryabhatta was the first mathematician who invented ‘zero’ or ‘0’ in the 5th century. Since then, the concept of ‘zero’ was used in various mathematical calculations. Aryabhatta also composed several astrological theories based on astronomical and mathematical evaluations. These propositions contributed to the concepts of astrology. His book ‘Aryabhatia’ revealed various ideas about astrology.

After Aryabhatta, Brahmagupta, Bhaskaracharya, Varahamir, and Aryabhatta II have proposed valuable contributions in the field of mathematics and astrology. However, the practice of numerology acquired impressive encouragement from Count Louis Hamon. He was a predominant palmist, numerologist, and prophet. He has journeyed across various parts of the world and passed down his immense knowledge to the Buddhists and monarchs in India. This is how the Tibetans learned about the secrets of numbers and their value on human life.

As an index of one’s life- numerology acts as a guideline! It influences the ups and downs that an individual has to encounter in the entire lifetime. It can be perceived that numerology helps in recognizing the abilities and flaws of the inner self. This affects the choices that one makes while ascertaining any decision. Thus, through numerology who are aware of the most significant uncertainties of life! Understand who, where, when, how, and why of existence- make your life better with numbers!


Over time, numerology has attained immense popularity through its widespread demand and implementation. It is a significant aspect of astrology. The idea of numerology aids in introspection and prognosis. Numerology helps you to understand the hidden meaning of your existence- your strengths, your weaknesses, and your purpose in life. specific explanation and position. Your life course number is the most specific one.

You can discover an extensive impact on your life through the guidance of numerology. It can change your life in the following aspects:
• Personal and professional relationships
• Discover your potential and abilities
• Evaluate important events in your lifebr
• Refined decision making
• Improve opportunities
• Understand compatibility between you and your partner
• Differentiate between positive and negative influences
• Set goals and achievements
• Reflect on the ideas and beliefs of others
• Guide you during your failure
• Acquire mental harmony
You can always make a change to your future playing with the numbers!