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Vastu Consultant Tantrik in Kolkata

According to architectural science, the location and engineering of any building influence the surrounding or the indoor ambiance. It is applied both in the place of work and stays. This is known as ‘Vastu’ or ‘Vastu Shastra’. So, when a building is constructed, the Vastu consultant Tantrik in Kolkata analyses the Vastu of a building that helps in maintaining an amicable atmosphere. All the elements of nature are important for balanced physiological and psychological growth. The concept of Vastu centers on deriving positive energy from these natural elements for improved health, wealth, happiness, and prosperity.

All other fields like astronomy, astrology, art, and science are unified through Vastu. It is a spiritual science that has originated in ancient India and is meant to improve our ways of living with the famous Astrologer consultant in Kolkata. In other words, a good Vastu wards off the negative energies while bringing peace and harmony in life.

The five elements of nature, also called ‘Paachbhootas’ are air, water, earth, fire, and space. These components are essential for supporting life. Hence, only our planet earth has got life in it. So, when a person is exposed to these elements, he or she is believed to derive most of the positive energies. A building that is constructed given these factors in mind is believed to possess a congenial atmosphere. Thus, a Vastu consultant Tantrik in Kolkata comes to the rescue.


Perhaps the idea of Vastu emerged thousands of years back! In the ancient ages, when there was the origin of the prehistoric men, there were no houses or buildings. Thus, human beings lived under the sky without proper shelter. Gradually they learned to dwell in the caves. Later, during the Vedic age, the ascetics and the sages started to reside in cottages. But these were temporary shelters.


However, during this period the scholars and sages derived many observations and explanations about the effect of nature on the lives of human beings. The Sun was the primary source of consideration. The effect of the sun’s rays during various times of the day influenced the science behind ‘Vastu Shastra’. The Atharva Veda has theories and principles written on Vastu science. It is called Stapatya Veda.But during those days, this was purely a matter of architecture constricted to the architects. Epics like Skanda Purana, Garuda Purana, Agni Purana, Vishnu Purana, and Malaysia Purana have elucidated the art of architecture, construction, and sculpture with the famous astrologer consultant in Kolkata. Even after the Vedic Age, the mention of the Vastu science is there in other epics.


Also, in the great epic Mahabharata, there is a mention of the construction of houses, palaces, and other constructions. Often these houses are compared to the Kailasa mountain peaks. It implies the buildings are tall and ceremonious artwork of architecture. So, a lot of importance was laid on the structure and the design of the diverse building constructions.


A significant light was thrown upon the construction of the monasteries in the Buddhist religion. Lord Buddha, the founder of Buddhism has conveyed ideas and discussions to his disciples about administering the construction of residential as well as religious buildings. This was a part of their duties.


Thereafter, the views and the scholars and the philosophers have always focused on the elements of nature- their attributes and impact. It comprises the gravitational force of the Earth, the speed and direction of the wind, the light, and warmth of the sun including the infra-red and the ultra-violet rays, and other notable natural phenomena. These affect our lives in a consequential manner. It also affects the structure and the planning of a building. Buildings are for dwellings, entertainment, education, prayer, and other functions. So, while construction is made, a Vastu consultant Tantrik in Kolkata is conferred. In the modern era, Vastu is still appraised as a significant factor in any kind of architectural structure.



The influence of ‘Vastu Shastra’ can be perceived in every aspect of your life. When you construct a house or move to a new place, the Vastu can emulate either a positive or negative impact on your life. If you are experiencing a lot of troubles or miseries in your life, then it may imply that the Vastu of your home is not accurate. Keeping a balance between the five components of nature can help you enjoy a better personal and professional life.

Health, wealth, happiness, prosperity, luck, behavior- everything is influenced substantially by Vastu. An experienced architect largely pays attention to the Vastu components so that you can have a trouble-free happy life. Thereafter, the Vastu consultant Tantrik in Kolkata has a significant role when there is any new construction. When there is interior planning, then the Vastu of the bedroom, study room, and other rooms affect the functionalities. Like, the study room must be in the north, east, west, northeast, and northwest section of your house. The best place for the kitchen is the southeast section. Also, for bringing success and wealth, you are advised to keep the northeast corner neat and clean with the famous astrologer consultant in Kolkata.

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