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  • 11-Mar,2022

Key Things to Know About Vastu Consultant Services

We all have specialized knowledge about the prominence of Vastu and the surrounding environment of our homes. All we need to go for a Vastu consultant and have useful tips to have a peaceful ambiance. This is a form of the most ancient science of construction accepted across the globe. It is also essential today to sell and rent properties based on this science. Vastu energy is all about having a proper balance enhancing prosperity, success, and peace over things. 

Role of a Vastu consultant  

To make changes in your home and ambiance it is needed to understand the Vastu consultant role. This is helpful in providing reliability over things with expert consultant services as best Jyotish in Kolkata

  • Vastu consultants are about offering services and have chances to connect for personal discussion. 

  • Vastu consultants are experienced and certified advisors offering expert analysis for favorable outcomes and perfect solutions. 

  • This is recommended to use different colors, forms, and substances to improve wealth, harmony, growth, and peace as per the needs. 

  • Vastu Shastra is known as the mix of instinctual and scrutiny solutions based on basic needs. This is one re-distributing energy that helps achieve desired goals and targets as desired. 

  • Finally, it includes solutions delivering desired energy to liberate your needs. 

Things to know 

Whenever choosing a new apartment or building house direction is the first term that comes to our mind. Here you need to consider the direction of your space checking for relevant satisfaction in mind. 

Entryway: This is the first thing to check and consider energies. The most auspicious direction is north and northeast. It is always better to avoid the south and west directions as an entry point of the house. 

Bedroom: This is the place for sleeping and relaxing and is considered as the no-stress zone. Here bed and room placement play a vital role as per directional terms. 

Living room: The living room is another important place where the entire family spends time together. It is about providing a positive vibe with the proper placement of interiors. A maintained living room is about developing a stronger relationship and bonding among relations. 

Kitchen: This is another essential aspect of a house releasing a lot of energy to the space. You need to make sure about a perfect direction as per the terms of Vastu Shastra. This is also done by checking for the cooktop slab positioned correctly. It is better to face east or north direction while you cook things. 

Apartment shape and surroundings 

When you buy an apartment it is better to consider shape and balance over things. It is about choosing apartments ideal shaped in rectangle and square forms. Identifying the shape is critical work and you should consider things to be done with the best Vastu consultant Tantrik in Kolkata

It is better to consider the surrounding of the apartment knowing about energies that reside in it. An open and a bit greenery space is always an essential thing to consider. It is also better to check for water bodies surrounding the place. These are some of the essential factors to check before purchasing any apartment and balance natural elements as desired. 

Wrapping up!

Acquiring Vastu consultant services is about providing you with the power of possibilities. This is done considering ultimate results managing different facts. All you need in your house is the betterment of wealth, peace, health, and prosperity. Vastu Shastra is a science related to architecture that helps eliminate signs of negativity. This is helpful in promoting prosperity and harmony in your house. Complying with five essential elements of Mother Nature it helps determine the relevant direction for things.